Keeps your umbrella where you put it!

Shade Anchor Instructions

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There are 2 options for placing the Sand Anchor Bag:

  1. Near the base of your umbrella, like a traditional anchor; or
  2. Surrounding your umbrella pole, by inserting the pole right though the drawstring top and the "hatch" at the bottom of the bag

1. Traditional Anchor Positioning
Place the Sand Anchor Bag near the base of your umbrella on the side the wind is coming FROM and follow Instructions below

2. Around the Umbrella Positioning
Place your bottom umbrella pole THROUGH the Sand Anchor Bag via the drawstring top and flap hatch opening at the bottom and follow Instructions below


After inserting your umbrella and deciding on the position for your Shade Anchor as described above:

  1. Fill the Sand Anchor Bag with as much sand as you like - about halfway for moderate wind conditions, full for high winds
  2. Wrap the longer Sand Anchor Bag strap around the umbrella pole ABOVE the "runner" (collar that supports the top) by feeding it through the umbrella spokes
  3. Pull the strap taut and fasten it through the latch on the short side of the strap